Indico Motors Mini Packer Compactor

Mini Packer Compactor

Specially designed & developed on Auto Remover,it's unique & very useful for the door to door collection of garbage with high manoeuvrability. it can reach the Narrow lanes offering cleaning service, it can directly dump the garbage in bigger containers or garbage collectors avoiding rehandling.

Technical Specification

Model Range 5 - 8 CuM
Material Grade IS 2062 / BSK 46
Pay Load 3-6 Tonn Approx ( Mixed Waste) | Depending upon the type of garbage.
HYD.Pressure 170 Bar
Compaction Ratio The volumetric compaction ratio varies between 2:1 to 3:1 (Depending upon the type of garbage).
Discharge Model Tipping
Discharging time 25 Second
Sewage Tank 50-80 liters
Painting Entire body will be shot blasted with suitable primer and 3 paint coating.
Bin lifting Capacity 240 to 1100 litres (plastic or metal bins).
GVW 5 CuM - 4 to 5 MT 6-8 CuM - 11- 12 MT
Wheelbase 5 CuM - 3100mm 6-8 CuM - 3600 mm (+/-) 200 mm
Plate Thickness
Roof 4 mm
Side 4 mm
Floor 5 mm
  • Suitable for the door to door waste collection & Short Distance transportation.

  • Can easily transfer the waste to refuse compactors.

  • For safe and hygienic collection, storage and transportation of garbage.

  • For quick and efficient lifting and unloading.

  • For multipoint ‘pick up’ application of system through standard garbage collecting bins.

  • No spillage of liquid from waste while transportation, as it gets stored in a specified tank.

  • Adjustable and customised bin lifter facility available.

Minipacker Compactor Range 5 to 8 CuM

Designed for multipoint ‘pick up’ application of system through standard garbage collecting bins. of residential urban waste to city recycling unit.

Mini Packer Compactor

Both Hopper with compaction and Minipacker Compactors are designed to make superstructure installation easy. Comprehensive and flexible bodybuilding preparations and power take-offs for specific applications making them ideal to be adapted for solid waste management.