Indico Motors Covering Truck

Covering Truck - Product Description

This vehicle gives the flexibility of a flatbed and box trailer with protection of curtains as it can be used extensively for transporting cargo like machinery, pipe, steel and iron and the enclosed environment provided by the curtain slider also makes it possible to carry fruits, vegetables and other foodstuffs. Protection from wind damage (which can cause dehydration to perishable items) and from rain which might lead to damage like rust on metal thus makes the use of a curtain slider appropriate for most goods.

Covering Truck - Technical Specification

Model Range 28'' 30'' 32'' 34'' 40'' Feet
Material Grade ST 52.3,BSK-46 and HS 800.**
King pin Size - 50(2'') as per ISO 9000 PSB. Position 600mm from front end.
Landing leg Static Capacity 80-85 Tonnes, Lifting Capacity 28 Tonnes (TATA / JOST / HDTPL)
Tyre 10.00 R 20- 16 PLY RATING - 12 NOS LUG TYRE
Rim 7.5X20-12 NOS ( YTE/TATA)
Brake line Provided on each Hub, Cam operated, Twin line brake system coupled with tractor brake system, brake chamber- 24V/12V
Standard Fitment SUPD, RUPD Mud Guard And J Hook
Painting Surface Preparation by Phosphating. One coat with Epoxy primer, Two coat of Syncoat paint
Indico Motors Covering Truck Design