Indico Motors has been one of India's premier commercial vehicle manufacturer over a decade.

Beginning with a single truck and articulated trailer's model way back in the 1989, today we have over 35 models and 60 variants of vehicles, designed to transport goods. Our commercial vehicles can haul loads ranging from 2 tonnes to 80 tonnes. We are majorly into Tippers, Trailers, Tip Trailer segment. Apart from this, we have also make our presence felt in the area of Sheet metal, roll forming, and fabrication.

The origin of Indico Motors can be traced to the urge for self-reliance, felt by Mr. Sanjay Dubey, an industrialist, in 1989. Since then Indico Motors has been a major presence in India's commercial vehicle industry with a tradition of technological leadership, achieved through tie-ups with international technology leaders and through vigorous in-house R&D. Indico caters to major OEMs like TATA, Ashok LEYLAND, ARSS - Bhubaneswar and Avian Overseas also to major fleet owners across the country. On its part, the Indico Group has taken on the singular and onerous responsibility of creating world-class manufacturing facilities with robust processes, building the supply chain, setting up an extensive distribution networks and providing insights into the mind of the Indian and foreign customer.

Access to international technology enabled the Company to set a tradition to be first with technology. Indico pioneered all the concepts and responding to the operating conditions and practices in the country, the Company made its vehicles strong, over-engineering them with extra metallic muscle.

"Envisioning Innovation Since 1989" became the design philosophy of the Company, which in turn has molded consumer attitude and the job quality.

About us

Whether you have a new or used commercial vehicle bodies, what’s most important is the maintenance. Proper care and maintenance of the Commercial Vehicle helps a lot in retaining the quality of the vehicle. So, it’s a good idea to get timely service that will take care of all maintenance requirements, giving you peace of mind and value for money.

Annual Maintenance Contract

The AMC Service from Indico Motors Private Limited ensures that the customer can focus entirely on his core business while we are here to take care of your vehicle. It’s is always difficult to pay huge repair bills or bear sky-high parts replacement costs. And moreover the quality and overall value for the vehicle depreciates with time. But, you can do little something to retain the quality and increase the life of the vehicle body.

AMC or Annual Maintenance Contract is a facility provided to a Commercial Body buyer where in Indico motos or others manufacturers , provides maintenance and repair services to the customer at the specified service centre situated in Eastern Automotive, Baliguma, Jamshedpur. Under the AMC scheme the customer has the option to choose from various AMC packages. The coverage specified in each of the AMC packages may vary from a comprehensive AMC package to coverage of only scheduled services or only labour.

This ensures trouble-free operations, hassle free maintenance, periodic check-ups, scheduled servicing, and higher resale value. You can take up this service to make sure your vehicle performs consistently well, prevents breakdown, and is reliable enough to be on roads.

Annual Maintenance Contract - Schedule

2 Months ‘or’ 5000 km

Side wall trailer (SWT) Tip-trailer (T.T)
Pin bush tightening Nut bolt tightening
Greasing Tyre check up
Nut bolt tightening Equaliser pin greasing
King pin check-up & repair Axle alignment
Full Body Alignment check-up & repair Stabiliser greasing
Wiring & electrical check-up & repair Cradle bolt & nut bolt check up
Wiring & electrical check-up & repair

6th month or 30,000 to 35,000 km

Side wall trailer & Tip-trailer

  • Complete suspension to be opened,

  • cleaned and greased.

  • Alignment & repair of axle.(to be checked by axle company service)

  • Tyre check-up

  • General full body check-up.

  • Power washing and minor work

12 Month ‘or’ 50,000 to 70,000 km

Side wall trailer & Tip-trailer

  • Intense full body check-ups

  • Full Body Alignment work

  • Hub check up

  • Welding crack check-ups.(Neck , main chassis cross, hanger support)


Apart from the services mention above, following are the additional work that shall be done in case of Tip-Trailer.

  • Tipping angle to be checked

  • Addition (installation) of anti-Toppling devices.

  • Tail door and its locking functioning.